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The Professionally Installed Roller Shutters That Will Give You Peace of Mind

19 August 2019

Roller shutters are far more than just mere window enhancements. They provide privacy and security at the same time that they adorn windows. On top of all this, these shutters offer high thermal performance, which helps to reduce your power bills. The secret to receiving these and other benefits from this style of shutters is to purchase them from a reputable company. Our company, Rollertec, will professionally install roller shutters that give you peace of mind and a great return on your investment.

About Rollertec

Rollertec has been a family-owned company since it opened in 1988 and is still so today. Our company specialises in supplying an installing security grills and doors, and window roller shutters. We use only quality products, materials and workmanship when we serve our clients to ensure that they will stand up to the Australian conditions durably and securely.

We Install Commercial and Domestic Roller Shutters

Rollertec provides and installs roller shutters to both domestic and commercial clients here in Melbourne, Australia. All projects are customised to the unique specifications and preferences of the clients. Complete client satisfaction always is our major goal.

Examples of the Attributes of Our Roller Shutters

• Extruded aluminium profile
• Electric operation
• Commercial tracks for our commercial clients
• Auto-lift smoke sensors
• Wireless controls upon request
• Eight colours for commercial shutters and 15 colours for domestic ones
• Battery backup system
• Key switch operation
• Manual operation is available
• Cyclone rail system for domestic locations in high-wind areas
• Professional, custom installation
• Fully insulated for domestic models
• Domestic shutters are perforated for shade and light control
• The option of battery powered for domestic roller shutters

The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

• Provides privacy by blocking the view of what goes on inside your structure from pedestrians and drivers.

• Increases your security since intruders cannot gain access through your windows with ease.

• Gives you control over the light level in your structure.

• Adds insulation to your windows to prevent heat or cooling loss, depending upon the season. This benefit can save you 30% or more on your power bill.

• Offers sound dampening for outside noises to make your home or building quieter than with other window treatments.

• Protects your structure from storms and bush fires

• You will have a choice of manual or electronic operation.

• Battery backup capabilities to ensure that the shutters operate during a power outage.

For further details about why our professionally installed roller shutters will give you peace of mind, consult with us when it is convenient. At the same time, we can explain all of your options and schedule a time to take measurements in order to issue you a quote.