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Signs That Indicate Your Roller Shutters Need Repair

16 July 2019

Roller shutters add extra ambiance, fire protection, privacy and security to homes and buildings. They also are built to be highly durable for years of wear. With this be said, there are still those times when repairs are necessary to keep them operating smoothly and dependably. To help you know when to call the professionals, we share the following signs that indicate your shutters of a roller design require repair.

Visible Damage to the Roller Shutters

Bent slats or other types of visible damage are obvious signs that you need to hire professionals to perform repairs to your shutters. Damage can occur from normal daily wear, mistreatment or intruders trying to force their way into your property.

Roller Shutters Quit Operating Properly

Whether you have a manual or an electric version of the shutters, your shutters should work easily and without issue. If they start opening or closing with difficulty, have them repaired before the problem becomes more severe. Operating shutters day after day when they are in this condition will lead to replacement rather than inexpensive repairs.

The Motor Starts Making Strange Noises

With electric roller shutters, the motor should work quietly. When you hear unusual sounds coming from it, it needs the proper attention and repairs to return it to its ideal operating condition. Grinding, screeching or clicking are examples of these unwanted noises.

Frayed or Broken Cords

Manual shutters of the roller design are dependent upon cords to open and close. When the cords become frayed or damaged in some other fashion, it is a sign that the shutters require immediate repairs.


Another sign that your shutters need repair is water seeping in from outside. During proper operation, the shutters seal the windows and doors securely enough to prevent such leaks from occurring. Also, if water can gain access into your structure so can fire and pests.

Your Roller Shutters Lose Their Alignment

Misalignment of your shutter slats will cause the roller shutters not to close completely. This will lead to a lack of privacy, security and all the other benefits connected with these shutters.

Loose Tracks

The tracks of the roller shutters should always be stable and secure. Signs of issues in these include shaking during shutter operation and the tracks coming completely off the wall.

For further details about the signs that indicate your roller shutters require repair, consult with Rollertec. We supply and install domestic and commercial roller shutters along with providing ongoing repair and maintenance services for them. Our experts will guide you in your choice to ensure that you select the best shutters for your purposes.