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Saving on Energy Costs in Commercial and Residential Establishments by Using Roller Shutters

02 July 2019

With the cost of electrical power on the rise, property owners of both commercial and residential establishments are in search of effective ways to lower their power bills. Some are replacing their appliances, installing solar power and cutting back on how much power they use in general, but many seem to overlook one simple method for conserving power, namely installing roller shutters. These shutters provide superior sunlight-blocking and thermal performance to help you reduce your dependence on energy. Refer to the following for further details.

What Are Roller Shutters?

This type of shutters consists of numerous horizontal slats connected together in order for them to work in unison during opening and closing. Unlike interior window or door treatments, roller shutters install on the exterior side of the windows and doors. They are electronically controlled with wireless controls available upon request.

Closed Roller Shutters Totally Block Incoming Sunlight

When you close the roller shutters, they block all sunlight from coming into your establishment. Passive heat comes in with this sunlight, so during the warm or hot months of the year, you can run the air conditioner a bit less by blocking it from entering into your structure.

Roller Shutters Provide Superior Thermal Performance

Another way that these shutters help you reduce your energy costs is through their superior thermal performance. They offer your commercial or residential structure and extra layer of insulation at the most vulnerable parts of it. Regardless of the weather outdoors, your indoors will be at a comfortable temperature without your power bills increasing.

Roller Shutters Are Not Energy Hogs

It only requires a minimal amount of power to operate the roller shutters. They save you far more in energy costs than the amount that the use daily. As a result, they provide you a substantial return on your investment.

Battery-Powered Options Available

If for some reason you need your shutters to run on battery power, this option is possible. In case of a power failure, this feature can make the difference in protecting your building from high energy costs and other issues.

For further facts about saving on energy costs in commercial and residential establishments, contact Rollertec. Our company sells and installs these shutters to residential and commercial clients. We offer durable, quality ones that contain an extruded aluminium profile, resilient tracks, auto-lift smoke sensors, an electric operation, key switch operation, battery power if needed, wireless controls when requested and more. After we understand your need for these shutters and the layout of your structure, we will issue you a quote for your consideration.