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Resolving Privacy Issues in Domestic Windows: Install Roller Shutters

04 June 2019

Since neighbourhoods are busy places with pedestrians and drivers going by the houses daily, residents have a major concern about their privacy. They install wood fences to block the view into their backyards, some use fences and gates in their front yards and they hang drapes at their windows. It is the latter action that often falls short of offering sufficient blockage to prevent people from looking through the windows to see what is going on in the interior of the house. Many times, the material of the drapes still allows people to see at least shadows if not more. A much better way to go about resolving privacy issues with window treatments in domestic settings is to install roller shutters. If you are suffering privacy issues in your home, read on to learn more about these shutters. 

Roller Shutters Block 100-percent of the View from Onlookers

When you close roller shutters, onlookers cannot see anything that is going on in the house, including shadows of movement. Also, you can adjust them at different levels when they are open to provide semi-privacy or no privacy at all if you so wish. 

Roller Shutters Prevent Easy Access to Vandals and Burglars

Another way that these shutters protect your privacy is by making it extremely difficult for vandals and burglars to gain entrance into your house. In fact, they will need to make so much of a commotion that they will alert everyone to their presence, which increases their risk of being arrested by law enforcement personnel. 

Other Benefits of Roller Shutters

• Shutters of this nature help you control how much light enters your home. This also protects your belongings from UV exposure that may make them fade prematurely. 

• Roller shutters safeguard your house against fire damage since they are fire-resistant. No other window treatment accomplishes this protection as well. 

• Due to the fact that roller shutters increase the security of your house, you may reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums by installing them. 

• If you fear that these shutters look utilitarian instead of attractive, nothing is further than the truth. They complement your house quite favourably. 

• The installation of roller shutters has increased the overall value of many homes and may do the same for yours. 

For further details about resolving privacy issues in domestic settings, consult with Rollertec. We specialise in durable, attractive roller shutters for domestic and commercial settings. You can choose from a variety of colours and features. Our company customises each shutter to meet the needs of our clients in a personalised fashion.