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Repairs and Maintenance on Battery and Electric Powered Roller Shutters Victoria

05 August 2019

Roller shutters are the best ways to keep commercial and industrial buildings, and residential properties safe in Victoria. While there are many different kinds of security systems available, roller shutters are the preferred choice for protecting businesses and homes. The main benefit of roller shutters is that they are nearly impossible for criminals to breach them to gain access to the interior of buildings.

Besides adding superior safety and security to buildings, battery and electric powered roller shutters have many other benefits, such as:

– Provides Extra Privacy
– Superior Protection from Weather
– Fire Prevention and Protection
– Increased Aesthetics
– Easy to Operate

As dependable as they are, and even when considering all the benefits that come with them, roller shutters are definitely an asset to any building but will eventually need maintenance and repairs.

Repairs and Maintenance Services for Battery and Electric Powered Roller Shutters

All parts of roller shutters are highly durable and require only light maintenance. However, the most common components that require repairs and maintenance on battery and electric powered roller shutters are typically broken cables, box winders, electric motors, and broken or loose tracks, or a jammed shutter.

If your battery or electric powered roller shutter is not functioning properly, if there is any visible damage, loose tracks, the motor starts making strange sounds, or you notice any frayed or broken cords, then it is highly recommended that you contact professional roller shutter repair and maintenance specialists at Rollertec Melbourne.

Rollertec Window Roller Shutters is a family-owned company specialising in supplying and installing residential and commercial window roller shutters, security doors, and security grills. As a company, we are proud to offer the very best commercial and residential protection against weather, fire, and security threats, as well as increasing the privacy of properties, by installing quality battery and electric powered roller shutters.

Our pricing for repairs and maintenance on battery and electric powered roller shutters are the most competitive in Melbourne, as all products are cut and assembled at our factory, which allows us control over quality, repair pricing, and delivery time. Rollertec ensures that all repair and maintenance work is of the highest standards, as our technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals.

If you need emergency repair services for your roller shutters, you can easily book a service and our experienced installers will inspect your roller shutters for damage, and then offer you a price quote for repairs. Once the fixed price quote is agreed upon, our technician will fix your roller shutters right away.

To book a repair and maintenance service for your roller shutters, contact Rollertec today and get a free no obligation, price quote.