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How Roller Shutters Prevent Break-Ins in Business Establishments

26 September 2019

All businesses are at risk of break-ins today if they do not take the right precautions. Along with various types of security systems and measures, these establishments need to protect their windows securely to ensure that intruders cannot enter through them. Roller shutters are the ideal window treatment to accomplish this goal. In order for you to fully understand this statement, we offer you how they deter break-ins at your company in the following information.

Roller Shutters Completely Block the View Into Your Company

When you close the roller shutters, they totally block the interior area of your building from anyone who is passing by it. No one can see what is going on inside of it or any of your furnishings and belongings. By preventing any potential intruders from seeing in your building off hours or even during business hours if you so choose, you keep them from being able to formulate a successful break-in plan without standing out to all who are in the area. As a result, they will move on to other businesses to perpetuate their illegal deeds. Intruders like to choose simple-to-access places that also are easy to scope out rather than ones that make both of these as difficult as possible.

Roller Shutters Prevent Intruders from Breaking the Windowpanes to Enter Into Your Establishment

Another way that these shutters prevent break-ins is by making it impossible for intruders to smash your windows to gain entry. In comparison, unprotected windows are quite easy to crack, break or smash. This is especially beneficial if you own a retail business with large display windows at the front of your store.

Roller Shutters are Extremely Difficult to Remove

Intruders cannot remove the roller shutters or even bend them without making a lot of noise that will bring attention to the fact that they are trying to gain unlawful access to your building. Combine this with the above reasons, and it is easy to understand why we recommend these shutters as an extra security measure against break-ins.

Turn to Our Company for Your Commercial Roller Shutters

To ensure that you receive top-quality, commercial-grade roller shutters to bolster your security efforts to prevent break-ins at your business, come to our company, Rollertec. Our shutters are designed and manufactured in a premium fashion to ensure that they contain superior strength and durability. They contain the following features:

• Commercial tracks
• Extruded aluminium profile
• Electric operation
• Auto-lift smoke sensors
• Wireless controls upon request
• Professional installation to suit your specific circumstances
• Eight colours available
• Key switch operation
• Battery backup system

Along with these shutters, we offer domestic versions of roller shutters, security doors and grills, and repair and maintenance services. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote upon request.