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How Can Commercial Establishments Benefit From Roller Shutter Systems?

18 April 2019

To most commercial establishment, security is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the bulk of commercial businesses often settle for run-of-the-mill security measures, often employing simplistic locks for windows and doors. Basic locks do very little to protect against forced entry attempts and those who use tools to pry open windows and doors.

One of the reasons why most commercial businesses settle for basic locks is that specialised security-locks and doorways have a penchant for being above the budget of the average store owner, and thus impractical for regular use. But there are affordable, reliable, and time-tested options that can be employed that are far better at protecting commercial establishments than standard door and window locks – a hardy roller shutter system.

Roller Shutter Systems for Securing Commercial Establishments

Roller shutter systems are the best solution for securing commercial establishments. Commonly associated with garages, junk shops, storage houses, and bunkers, these are heavy-duty security solutions that may be somewhat costly at the onset, but the benefits they provide more than make up for their installation. 

If you are in need of a specialised doorway that guarantees safety, then here are just some of the few advantages that roller shutter systems have to offer your commercial establishment: 

• Foolproof security – unlike doors and locks which can be broken open or picked, roller shutter systems are foolproof and can only be compromised if a significant amount of force is employed, such as heavy equipment or a cutting torch. Otherwise, roller shutter systems cannot be breached and thus provide maximum security. 

• All-weather protection – roller shutter systems help to protect commercial establishments like storefronts from the ravages of weather. Whether  heavy rains, heavy snow, or the unforgiving sun, you can be sure that your goods are kept protected from any weather condition once you leave your store. 

• Modifiable materials – most roller shutters are made from galvanised steel, but thick panelled steel or reinforced aluminium are also available. Further reinforcements, like riveting or a thicker mainframe can make your roller shutter even more impervious to any attempt at egress. 

• Fire-proof – roller shutters are nothing short of fireproof. Not only does it prevent fire from entering, but it also helps to contain and prevent fires from spreading. 

• Easily operated – unlike ultra-modern security systems that boast specialised time-locks or biometrick systems, roller shutters require no fancy operation system and can be opened and shut with relative ease, manually or with just the push of a button.

If you are in need of roller shutters for your commercial establishment, the contact the experts in the field, at Rollertec Melbourne.