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PVC and Aluminium Roller Shutters Repair: Why Should Professionals Perform the Job?

Even though PVC and aluminium roller shutters are extremely well-built and durable today, there still are times that they require repairs. Whether you own domestic or commercial versions of these shutters, you should only trust qualified technicians with the job of repairing them. Otherwise, you might damage them to the point where they need replacing. Read on to learn all the advantages of calling in the professionals to perform any repairs on these shutters.

A Wide Assortment of Repair Services Is Available to Address Your Needs

You will have access to a vast array of repair services when you contact a professional to solve the issues with your roller shutters. They will include repair on all types of these shutters, conversion from manual to electric or battery to electric, removals when necessary and more.

Quality Parts and Services

All parts and services will be high-quality and durable. If you DIY your repairs, you may or may not have the same results with either one. When you mess up the repairs, you must call the professionals anyway, so turn to them in the first place.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Since the technicians will perform the repairs the first time, calling them is the cost-effective way to maintain your roller shutters. You will spend two times as much, if not more, when you fail to repair the shutters only to need the help of these professionals after all. Also, parts cost you more at retail prices usually than what you will pay for them using the technicians.

Professionals Maintain the Structural Integrity of the PVC and Aluminium Roller Shutters

Another benefit of relying on technicians to repair your aluminium or PVC roller shutters is that they maintain the original structural integrity of the shutters. As a result, they will continue to operate correctly and durably to adorn and protect your property once the repairs are complete.

All Repair Jobs Are Guaranteed

No guarantee comes with DIY repair jobs. There is no one to call to come redo when you choose to take on the task yourself. Professionals will issue a guarantee to protect your investment in case the repairs do not last as long as they should for your shutters. These technicians will return to solve the issues at no additional cost to you.

Consult with Rollertec to learn additional reasons why only professionals should repair PVC and aluminium roller shutters. We specialise in the installation, repairs and maintenance of these shutters on both a commercial and domestic basis. In addition, you can turn to us for security grills and doors.

How Roller Shutters Prevent Break-Ins in Business Establishments

All businesses are at risk of break-ins today if they do not take the right precautions. Along with various types of security systems and measures, these establishments need to protect their windows securely to ensure that intruders cannot enter through them. Roller shutters are the ideal window treatment to accomplish this goal. In order for you to fully understand this statement, we offer you how they deter break-ins at your company in the following information.

Roller Shutters Completely Block the View Into Your Company

When you close the roller shutters, they totally block the interior area of your building from anyone who is passing by it. No one can see what is going on inside of it or any of your furnishings and belongings. By preventing any potential intruders from seeing in your building off hours or even during business hours if you so choose, you keep them from being able to formulate a successful break-in plan without standing out to all who are in the area. As a result, they will move on to other businesses to perpetuate their illegal deeds. Intruders like to choose simple-to-access places that also are easy to scope out rather than ones that make both of these as difficult as possible.

Roller Shutters Prevent Intruders from Breaking the Windowpanes to Enter Into Your Establishment

Another way that these shutters prevent break-ins is by making it impossible for intruders to smash your windows to gain entry. In comparison, unprotected windows are quite easy to crack, break or smash. This is especially beneficial if you own a retail business with large display windows at the front of your store.

Roller Shutters are Extremely Difficult to Remove

Intruders cannot remove the roller shutters or even bend them without making a lot of noise that will bring attention to the fact that they are trying to gain unlawful access to your building. Combine this with the above reasons, and it is easy to understand why we recommend these shutters as an extra security measure against break-ins.

Turn to Our Company for Your Commercial Roller Shutters

To ensure that you receive top-quality, commercial-grade roller shutters to bolster your security efforts to prevent break-ins at your business, come to our company, Rollertec. Our shutters are designed and manufactured in a premium fashion to ensure that they contain superior strength and durability. They contain the following features:

• Commercial tracks
• Extruded aluminium profile
• Electric operation
• Auto-lift smoke sensors
• Wireless controls upon request
• Professional installation to suit your specific circumstances
• Eight colours available
• Key switch operation
• Battery backup system

Along with these shutters, we offer domestic versions of roller shutters, security doors and grills, and repair and maintenance services. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote upon request.

Security Screens for Both Hinged and Sliding Doors: Available at Rollertec Melbourne

If you are like most homeowners, being safe in your home is a top priority. Security screens are an ideal addition to your other security measures to increase the safety level of your home substantially. They fit on hinged and sliding doors and allow you the ability to open your inner doors while keeping the screens locked. Also, when both the screens and the inner doors are locked, it makes it more difficult for intruders to break into your home. We will further explore the advantages of installing these screens and where to purchase them in the following.

Benefits of Security Screens

While additional security is the main benefit of installing these screens on your sliding or hinged doors, you will find numerous other ones below:

• Maintains your privacy even when you open the inner door since people cannot see through the screen clear enough to know what is going on in your home.

• Adds an attractive enhancement to any of your doors. Even though security screens serve an important purpose, it does not mean that they need to be utilitarian in appearance. In fact, some versions are so eye-catching that they increase the curb appeal of your home.

• Installing security screens on your doors allow you to ventilate your house with fresh air during pleasant weather without the insects invading your house.

• Enjoy natural light to its fullest when you add these screens to your doors without risking the safety of you and your family. Natural light also brings passive heating with it, so this benefit can help to reduce your energy consumption in a small way during the cooler months of the year.

• May increase the overall value of your home when you decide to sell it. Prospective buyers will appreciate this extra security feature being on the house already to where they do not need to add it after they move into it.

• Security screens are from durable aluminium or stainless steel and come in a wide assortment of colours. You can install them on any style of hinged doors, including French ones and of course, sliding doors.

Where to Purchase Quality Security Screens for Both Hinged and Sliding Doors

To receive durable, attractive security screens for your hinged or sliding doors, turn to Rollertec Melbourne. We specialise in not only these screens but also commercial and domestic rollers shutters along with repair and maintenance services. All our products are designed to perform effectively in the challenging Australian environment. Upon request, we will analyse your requirements and issue you an accurate quote.

The Professionally Installed Roller Shutters That Will Give You Peace of Mind

Roller shutters are far more than just mere window enhancements. They provide privacy and security at the same time that they adorn windows. On top of all this, these shutters offer high thermal performance, which helps to reduce your power bills. The secret to receiving these and other benefits from this style of shutters is to purchase them from a reputable company. Our company, Rollertec, will professionally install roller shutters that give you peace of mind and a great return on your investment.

About Rollertec

Rollertec has been a family-owned company since it opened in 1988 and is still so today. Our company specialises in supplying an installing security grills and doors, and window roller shutters. We use only quality products, materials and workmanship when we serve our clients to ensure that they will stand up to the Australian conditions durably and securely.

We Install Commercial and Domestic Roller Shutters

Rollertec provides and installs roller shutters to both domestic and commercial clients here in Melbourne, Australia. All projects are customised to the unique specifications and preferences of the clients. Complete client satisfaction always is our major goal.

Examples of the Attributes of Our Roller Shutters

• Extruded aluminium profile
• Electric operation
• Commercial tracks for our commercial clients
• Auto-lift smoke sensors
• Wireless controls upon request
• Eight colours for commercial shutters and 15 colours for domestic ones
• Battery backup system
• Key switch operation
• Manual operation is available
• Cyclone rail system for domestic locations in high-wind areas
• Professional, custom installation
• Fully insulated for domestic models
• Domestic shutters are perforated for shade and light control
• The option of battery powered for domestic roller shutters

The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

• Provides privacy by blocking the view of what goes on inside your structure from pedestrians and drivers.

• Increases your security since intruders cannot gain access through your windows with ease.

• Gives you control over the light level in your structure.

• Adds insulation to your windows to prevent heat or cooling loss, depending upon the season. This benefit can save you 30% or more on your power bill.

• Offers sound dampening for outside noises to make your home or building quieter than with other window treatments.

• Protects your structure from storms and bush fires

• You will have a choice of manual or electronic operation.

• Battery backup capabilities to ensure that the shutters operate during a power outage.

For further details about why our professionally installed roller shutters will give you peace of mind, consult with us when it is convenient. At the same time, we can explain all of your options and schedule a time to take measurements in order to issue you a quote.

Repairs and Maintenance on Battery and Electric Powered Roller Shutters Victoria

Roller shutters are the best ways to keep commercial and industrial buildings, and residential properties safe in Victoria. While there are many different kinds of security systems available, roller shutters are the preferred choice for protecting businesses and homes. The main benefit of roller shutters is that they are nearly impossible for criminals to breach them to gain access to the interior of buildings.

Besides adding superior safety and security to buildings, battery and electric powered roller shutters have many other benefits, such as:

– Provides Extra Privacy
– Superior Protection from Weather
– Fire Prevention and Protection
– Increased Aesthetics
– Easy to Operate

As dependable as they are, and even when considering all the benefits that come with them, roller shutters are definitely an asset to any building but will eventually need maintenance and repairs.

Repairs and Maintenance Services for Battery and Electric Powered Roller Shutters

All parts of roller shutters are highly durable and require only light maintenance. However, the most common components that require repairs and maintenance on battery and electric powered roller shutters are typically broken cables, box winders, electric motors, and broken or loose tracks, or a jammed shutter.

If your battery or electric powered roller shutter is not functioning properly, if there is any visible damage, loose tracks, the motor starts making strange sounds, or you notice any frayed or broken cords, then it is highly recommended that you contact professional roller shutter repair and maintenance specialists at Rollertec Melbourne.

Rollertec Window Roller Shutters is a family-owned company specialising in supplying and installing residential and commercial window roller shutters, security doors, and security grills. As a company, we are proud to offer the very best commercial and residential protection against weather, fire, and security threats, as well as increasing the privacy of properties, by installing quality battery and electric powered roller shutters.

Our pricing for repairs and maintenance on battery and electric powered roller shutters are the most competitive in Melbourne, as all products are cut and assembled at our factory, which allows us control over quality, repair pricing, and delivery time. Rollertec ensures that all repair and maintenance work is of the highest standards, as our technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals.

If you need emergency repair services for your roller shutters, you can easily book a service and our experienced installers will inspect your roller shutters for damage, and then offer you a price quote for repairs. Once the fixed price quote is agreed upon, our technician will fix your roller shutters right away.

To book a repair and maintenance service for your roller shutters, contact Rollertec today and get a free no obligation, price quote.

Signs That Indicate Your Roller Shutters Need Repair

Roller shutters add extra ambiance, fire protection, privacy and security to homes and buildings. They also are built to be highly durable for years of wear. With this be said, there are still those times when repairs are necessary to keep them operating smoothly and dependably. To help you know when to call the professionals, we share the following signs that indicate your shutters of a roller design require repair.

Visible Damage to the Roller Shutters

Bent slats or other types of visible damage are obvious signs that you need to hire professionals to perform repairs to your shutters. Damage can occur from normal daily wear, mistreatment or intruders trying to force their way into your property.

Roller Shutters Quit Operating Properly

Whether you have a manual or an electric version of the shutters, your shutters should work easily and without issue. If they start opening or closing with difficulty, have them repaired before the problem becomes more severe. Operating shutters day after day when they are in this condition will lead to replacement rather than inexpensive repairs.

The Motor Starts Making Strange Noises

With electric roller shutters, the motor should work quietly. When you hear unusual sounds coming from it, it needs the proper attention and repairs to return it to its ideal operating condition. Grinding, screeching or clicking are examples of these unwanted noises.

Frayed or Broken Cords

Manual shutters of the roller design are dependent upon cords to open and close. When the cords become frayed or damaged in some other fashion, it is a sign that the shutters require immediate repairs.


Another sign that your shutters need repair is water seeping in from outside. During proper operation, the shutters seal the windows and doors securely enough to prevent such leaks from occurring. Also, if water can gain access into your structure so can fire and pests.

Your Roller Shutters Lose Their Alignment

Misalignment of your shutter slats will cause the roller shutters not to close completely. This will lead to a lack of privacy, security and all the other benefits connected with these shutters.

Loose Tracks

The tracks of the roller shutters should always be stable and secure. Signs of issues in these include shaking during shutter operation and the tracks coming completely off the wall.

For further details about the signs that indicate your roller shutters require repair, consult with Rollertec. We supply and install domestic and commercial roller shutters along with providing ongoing repair and maintenance services for them. Our experts will guide you in your choice to ensure that you select the best shutters for your purposes.

Saving on Energy Costs in Commercial and Residential Establishments by Using Roller Shutters

With the cost of electrical power on the rise, property owners of both commercial and residential establishments are in search of effective ways to lower their power bills. Some are replacing their appliances, installing solar power and cutting back on how much power they use in general, but many seem to overlook one simple method for conserving power, namely installing roller shutters. These shutters provide superior sunlight-blocking and thermal performance to help you reduce your dependence on energy. Refer to the following for further details.

What Are Roller Shutters?

This type of shutters consists of numerous horizontal slats connected together in order for them to work in unison during opening and closing. Unlike interior window or door treatments, roller shutters install on the exterior side of the windows and doors. They are electronically controlled with wireless controls available upon request.

Closed Roller Shutters Totally Block Incoming Sunlight

When you close the roller shutters, they block all sunlight from coming into your establishment. Passive heat comes in with this sunlight, so during the warm or hot months of the year, you can run the air conditioner a bit less by blocking it from entering into your structure.

Roller Shutters Provide Superior Thermal Performance

Another way that these shutters help you reduce your energy costs is through their superior thermal performance. They offer your commercial or residential structure and extra layer of insulation at the most vulnerable parts of it. Regardless of the weather outdoors, your indoors will be at a comfortable temperature without your power bills increasing.

Roller Shutters Are Not Energy Hogs

It only requires a minimal amount of power to operate the roller shutters. They save you far more in energy costs than the amount that the use daily. As a result, they provide you a substantial return on your investment.

Battery-Powered Options Available

If for some reason you need your shutters to run on battery power, this option is possible. In case of a power failure, this feature can make the difference in protecting your building from high energy costs and other issues.

For further facts about saving on energy costs in commercial and residential establishments, contact Rollertec. Our company sells and installs these shutters to residential and commercial clients. We offer durable, quality ones that contain an extruded aluminium profile, resilient tracks, auto-lift smoke sensors, an electric operation, key switch operation, battery power if needed, wireless controls when requested and more. After we understand your need for these shutters and the layout of your structure, we will issue you a quote for your consideration.

Advantages of Roller Shutters with Auto-Lift Smoke Sensors

Roller shutters are a great addition to any home’s or building’s security measures because they are strong and durable. They safeguard your property as well as your privacy in the closed position. With the right add-on, they also are effective smoke detectors to forewarn you about fire. The auto-lift smoke sensors are the add-on of which we speak. These sensors close automatically when they first detect the presence of smoke in order to secure your structure. Below, are the advantages of installing these sensors along with your roller shutters. 

Early Detection of Approaching Fire

One major benefit of auto-lift smoke sensors on your roller shutters is an early warning of impending fire. This allows you to prepare for it rather than getting caught off guard. When you are in a fire-prone area, having these may make the difference between saving your structure and losing it. 

Safeguards Your Structure Automatically 

Auto-lift smoke sensors also close the roller shutters automatically when they detect smoke to protect your building or home efficiently. Even when you are gone from your property, you can rest comfortably that the sensors will perform their function. 

A Possible Discount on Property Insurance

Just like with fire detectors, you may be able to save on your property insurance by installing the auto-lift smoke sensors in connection with your roller shutters. Any savings can be invested in other upgrades for your structure. 

May Increase Your Property Value

Security additions of any kind, including these sensors and roller shutters, increase property value at the time of sale. Prospective buyers appreciate these upgrades being part of the purchase price instead of them having to pay after the fact to install them. After all, everything is covered by their mortgage payment. The property value can increase from hundreds up to thousands of dollars, depending upon the size and style of your structure. 

Complies with Fire-Safety Codes That Govern Various Types of Buildings

Any building that is open to the public and/or employs numerous people has to comply with fire-safety codes set forth by local authorities. The addition of the roller shutters with auto-lift smoke sensors will help your building comply with these codes if applicable along with any other stipulations the codes may contain. 

Turn to Rollertec to learn further facts about the advantages of roller shutters with auto-lift smoke sensors. We sell and install these shutters with this beneficial add-on to a wide assortment of clients. Also, we customise the installation to suit your specifications. Our shutters are attractive, durable and reliable. You can choose from eight different colours to ensure that they complement your structure in the ideal fashion.

Resolving Privacy Issues in Domestic Windows: Install Roller Shutters

Since neighbourhoods are busy places with pedestrians and drivers going by the houses daily, residents have a major concern about their privacy. They install wood fences to block the view into their backyards, some use fences and gates in their front yards and they hang drapes at their windows. It is the latter action that often falls short of offering sufficient blockage to prevent people from looking through the windows to see what is going on in the interior of the house. Many times, the material of the drapes still allows people to see at least shadows if not more. A much better way to go about resolving privacy issues with window treatments in domestic settings is to install roller shutters. If you are suffering privacy issues in your home, read on to learn more about these shutters. 

Roller Shutters Block 100-percent of the View from Onlookers

When you close roller shutters, onlookers cannot see anything that is going on in the house, including shadows of movement. Also, you can adjust them at different levels when they are open to provide semi-privacy or no privacy at all if you so wish. 

Roller Shutters Prevent Easy Access to Vandals and Burglars

Another way that these shutters protect your privacy is by making it extremely difficult for vandals and burglars to gain entrance into your house. In fact, they will need to make so much of a commotion that they will alert everyone to their presence, which increases their risk of being arrested by law enforcement personnel. 

Other Benefits of Roller Shutters

• Shutters of this nature help you control how much light enters your home. This also protects your belongings from UV exposure that may make them fade prematurely. 

• Roller shutters safeguard your house against fire damage since they are fire-resistant. No other window treatment accomplishes this protection as well. 

• Due to the fact that roller shutters increase the security of your house, you may reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums by installing them. 

• If you fear that these shutters look utilitarian instead of attractive, nothing is further than the truth. They complement your house quite favourably. 

• The installation of roller shutters has increased the overall value of many homes and may do the same for yours. 

For further details about resolving privacy issues in domestic settings, consult with Rollertec. We specialise in durable, attractive roller shutters for domestic and commercial settings. You can choose from a variety of colours and features. Our company customises each shutter to meet the needs of our clients in a personalised fashion.

How Roller Shutters Can Protect a Business

Providing sufficient security for a business today is a bit mind-boggling with all of the options that are available. There are different types of security systems with various features and pieces of equipment, but one method is overlooked many times, and this is the installation of roller shutters. It is this latter method that we want to discuss in this information. We provide the following ways that these shutters can protect your business.

Crime Deterrent

Roller shutters are almost impossible for criminals to break the windows to access the interior of businesses. To do so, they would have to make sufficient noise to attract attention to their unsavoury deeds, which increases their chance of becoming caught by law enforcement. Instead of taking this risk, they will go elsewhere to commit their crimes. 

Safeguards Your Profits

Dealing with stolen merchandise and acts of vandalism can cost you part of your profits. Since these shutters prevent burglary and other mischievous deeds, they protect your profitability. 

Provides Privacy

You choose when people can look into your business from the street when you install roller shutters. Certain businesses may keep their shutters closed whether they are open or not while others close them at the end of each business day. In the closed position, people cannot even see the shadows of people inside the building. 

Protection from Weather and Fire

Installing roller shutters also protect your business from severe storms and other natural occurrences that can damage your building. Also, they make your building fire-resistant. This is especially important when you are located within a fire-prone area. 

Combinable with Other Security Measures

If you feel that you still need additional measures for security after installing roller shutters, you need to understand that they are compatible with all security systems. They will operate without issue with any other security steps that you desire to take to safeguard your company. 

Other Reasons to Install Roller Shutters on a Commercial Building

• Roller shutters are attractive window treatments and complement any business décor on both the interior and exterior of the building. 

• Installing these shutters may increase your property value when you own your building. When you decide to sell your property in the future, potential buyers will be delighted in the fact that they do not need to add these shutters after they take ownership. 

• The use of roller shutters for security may help lower property insurance.

To learn additional facts about how roller shutters can protect a business, consult with Rollertec. We specialise in commercial roller shutters and deliver high-quality results to our clients.