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Built-In Versus Built-On Roller Shutters: What Is the Difference?

04 April 2019

Roller shutters are more than just mere window enhancements. While they are highly attractive, these shutters also provide additional privacy, security, fire protection, light blocking and insulation to your home or structure. You can choose from built-in and built-on versions of these shutters. To know which one that you prefer for your house or building, read the following information about how they differ from one another. 

Built-In Roller Shutters

Built-in roller shutters disappear when they open since none of their mechanical parts are visible on the outside of the windows or doors. Their guide rails and shutter boxes are hidden inside the wall. All you see is the slat part of these shutters when they are closed. As a result, these shutters are highly attractive and ideal to install during the construction of your home or building. If you choose to install these after your structure is already built, there may be an additional cost to tear up and redo the walls before and after the fact. 

Advantages of selecting this style of roller shutters is that they are non-obtrusive, which maintains the attractive ambiance of your property. Also, the mechanics are quieter due to the fact that the wall buffers the noise a bit more than if they were exposed. They are extra tamper resistant too since they are built into the walls. 

Built-On Roller Shutters

The built-on roller shutters differ from the built-in ones in the fact that their shutter boxes and guide rails are visible on your structure as they are installed on the surface rather than in the walls. These shutters are still highly attractive, though, even with their mechanical parts on the outside of the walls. 

The main benefit of this design of roller shutters is that they are easier to install after the home or building has been built than the built-in ones are since none of the components need to be hidden in the wall. Due to this fact, there is never an issue installing them regardless of the house or building style. Another advantage to selecting this version of the roller shutters is that there will not be any additional cost for installation after the structure has been built. 

How to Select Which Version Is Right for You

Have a professional analyse your structure to learn if built-in or built-on roller shutters are better with the design of your house or building. Many times, both will work, and when this is a case, the choice is yours. 

For further facts about built-in and built-on roller shutters, turn to Rollertec. We specialise in installing these shutters in both commercial and residential structures.