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Advantages of Roller Shutters with Auto-Lift Smoke Sensors

19 June 2019

Roller shutters are a great addition to any home’s or building’s security measures because they are strong and durable. They safeguard your property as well as your privacy in the closed position. With the right add-on, they also are effective smoke detectors to forewarn you about fire. The auto-lift smoke sensors are the add-on of which we speak. These sensors close automatically when they first detect the presence of smoke in order to secure your structure. Below, are the advantages of installing these sensors along with your roller shutters. 

Early Detection of Approaching Fire

One major benefit of auto-lift smoke sensors on your roller shutters is an early warning of impending fire. This allows you to prepare for it rather than getting caught off guard. When you are in a fire-prone area, having these may make the difference between saving your structure and losing it. 

Safeguards Your Structure Automatically 

Auto-lift smoke sensors also close the roller shutters automatically when they detect smoke to protect your building or home efficiently. Even when you are gone from your property, you can rest comfortably that the sensors will perform their function. 

A Possible Discount on Property Insurance

Just like with fire detectors, you may be able to save on your property insurance by installing the auto-lift smoke sensors in connection with your roller shutters. Any savings can be invested in other upgrades for your structure. 

May Increase Your Property Value

Security additions of any kind, including these sensors and roller shutters, increase property value at the time of sale. Prospective buyers appreciate these upgrades being part of the purchase price instead of them having to pay after the fact to install them. After all, everything is covered by their mortgage payment. The property value can increase from hundreds up to thousands of dollars, depending upon the size and style of your structure. 

Complies with Fire-Safety Codes That Govern Various Types of Buildings

Any building that is open to the public and/or employs numerous people has to comply with fire-safety codes set forth by local authorities. The addition of the roller shutters with auto-lift smoke sensors will help your building comply with these codes if applicable along with any other stipulations the codes may contain. 

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