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A Brief Overview and History of Window Roller Shutters

15 March 2019

Window roller shutters are ideal window treatments for those who are on a tight budget, desire extreme security and privacy, or prefer a simple enhancement for their windows. Also, they provide a high level of privacy and can block out 100 percent of the light. Regardless of your need for these shutters, stay with us to learn all about what they are and a bit of their history. 

What Are Roller Shades? 

Roller shades are rectangular window coverings that are attached to a roller at the top. This roller is what is installed in a bracket above the window. They come in both manual and automated versions, but in either version, they raise up and lower in the same basic way. When you raise them, they roll up into a tube-like form. The shutters unroll easily to cover the entire window. If you select manual, you need to walk over to the window to operate them, but when you choose automated ones, you can operate them from anywhere in the room. These shutters are available in numerous materials, colours and sizes today. 

How Roller Shutters Came into Existence

The origin of the roller shutters probably predates the 1700s, but the best-known, early model of these shutters is the one that James King and James Louis Robertson created in Scotland during the early 1700s out of Holland linen. They named it the Scotch Holland roller shade. This roller shade was completely manual operation since the spring mechanism did not exist at this time. The linen puddled on the windowsill when the shade was closed and had to be opened via a pull cord. It was not until 1864 that the spring roller design came into being, thanks to Stewart Hartshorn. 

Popularity soared for this spring roller shutter or shade design in various parts of the world. Also, the roller shutters were a necessity during WWII in Europe, especially with the mandated blackout times during bombing raids. In modern times, these roller shutters can be made of various materials, including cloth, PVC and aluminium with the latter two materials being the most durable. Automation is another advancement available for ease of operation. 

Benefits of Roller Shutters

• They are easy to clean 

• Roller shutters are extremely durable 

• Provide ultimate privacy 

• You can block out 100 percent of the light with roller shutters 

• Roller shutters come in various colours and sizes 

• Manual and automated versions are available 

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